O U R   T E A M

La Terzi might be founded by Lobna and Erdem, today La Terzi is an absolute team effort.

Without the La Terzi family it could not have been such a success!

Lobna and Erdem are proud to be supported by an incredible cast of talented designers,

trading partners and their beloved families which always have been their backbone.

Erdem Terzi

Managing Director

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Lobna Terzi

Creative Director

“You get from the world, what you give to the world”

Wanda Florijn

Management Assistent

“When life puts you in tough situations , don’t say why me, just say try me!”

Rosanne de Leeuw

Designer & Photographer

“Anyone can take a picture… A person with a passion sees the picture before it’s taken”

Loïs de Joode

Online marketeer & Designer

“Focus on the details”

Ruby Streef


“Think outside the box”

Marissa Kleinjan

Online marketeer & Content creator

“Creativity never goes out of style”

Simone Top


“Big ideas have small beginnings”

Mariëlle Broekman


“I’ve never done that before, so i’m sure I can do it!”

Jet Leijenhorst

Intern Designer

“Enjoy the little things”

Emma Clemenkowff

Intern Designer

“I'd rather have a life of "oh, wells" than a life of "What ifs”

Floris Wienecke

Intern Online Marketeer

“Be cool to people”


Ela Sabuncu

Intern Management Assistent

“Bad vibes don't go with my outfit”

Manish Prajapati

Creative Desktop Publisher

“Do my best , so that I can’t blame myself for anything.”